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If you would like to join any PCI committee, please complete the Committee Member Application. You may email it to or fax to 312-361-8081. All committee member applications will be reviewed by staff and forwarded to the appropriate committee chairman for approval. You will be notified of the disposition of your application within two weeks of receipt. All committee members are required to complete the application, even if they already sit on another PCI Committee.

If you are new to PCI Committee Central, you may download the PCI Committee Central Job Aid for guidance on how to use this system. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement please email us at

PCI Standing Committees


         Council Chairs Committee


         Educational Activities Council (EAC)

                 Continuing Education Committee

                          PCI Academy Advisory Board

                 Student Education Committee


         Business Performance Council

                 Erectors Committee

                 Field Safety Task Group

                 Financial/Risk Management

                 Plant Safety & Environmental Committee

                 Productivity Committee

                 Special Inspectors Task Group


         Marketing Council (MRK)

                 Ascent Advisory Committee

                 Digital Marketing Committee

                 Market Research and Metrics Committee

                 Marketing Communications Committee


         Membership Council

                 Associate Member Award

                 Industry Diversity

                 Leadership PCI

                 Member Engagement Committee

                 Member Recruitment Committee


         Officers & Directors


         Quality Activities Council (QAC)

                 Erectors Certification Committee

                 Plant Certification

                          Architectural Certification Subcommittee

                 QA Supplier Committee

                 Quality Enhancement Committee

                 Quality Personnel Training & Certification Committee

                 Safeguarding Impartiality

                 Tolerances Committee


         Regional Council


         Research & Development (R&D)



         Standards Committee


         Technical Activities Council (TAC)

                 Architectural Precast Concrete Committee

                 BIM Committee

                 Blast Resistance & Structural Integrity Committee

                 Building Code Committee

                 Concrete Materials Technology Committee

                 Joint and Connection Design Committee

                 Design Specification Committee

                 Fire Committee

                 FRP Composites Committee

                 Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Panels

                 Prestressing Reinforcement Committee

                 Hollow Core Committee

                 Industry Handbook Committee

                          Industry Handbook Sub Committee Chapter 3

                 Journal Advisory Committee

                 Journal Awards Committee

                 Parking Structures Committee

                 Precast Insulated Wall Panels Committee

                 Prestressed Concrete Piling Committee

                 Prestressed Concrete Poles Committee

                 Professional Member Committee

                 Seismic Committee

                 Strand Bond Task Force

                 Sustainability Committee

                 Total Precast Systems Committee


         Transportation Activities Council (TrAC)

               Bridge Producers Committee


                          AASHTO LRFD Specifications Review & Implementation

                          Adjacent Members


                          Precast Post-Tensioned Bridges

                          Girder Stability

                          Prestress Losses

                          Seismic Design

                          UHPC Bridge Sub-committee

              Pavement Committee

              Pile Producers Committee


         PCI Foundation Trustees